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There are an estimated 40,000 sports and recreation-related eye injuries each year
and the majority of them happen to children.

Red Eyes
& Dry Eyes

Your Natural Tears

Eyes are lubricated by tears produced by tear glands located behind your upper eyelids. Blinking spreads a film of tears over the surface of your eyes. The tears move to the inside region of the eye and through the tear drainage ducts into the nose and throat. Tears make your eyes feel cool, comfortable, refreshed and helps to prevent infection.


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What causes Dry Eye Syndrome?

When the balance of tear production and tear loss is not maintained, dry spots appear on the eye’s surface and cause irritation.

Can Watery eyes be a symptom of Dry Eyes?

Ironically the tear production glands sometimes react to the dry, scratchy feeling by watering more than ever. These reflex tears do not relieve the dryness as they lack a natural component that is essential to lubricate the cornea properly.

Can Dry Eyes harm my eyes?

Yes. If left untreated severe Dry Eye Syndrome can damage tissue and possibly scar the cornea of the eye.

Common causes of Dry Eye Symptoms.

  • Environment—The list is virtually endless! Sunny, windy, dry conditions, air conditioning, dry climates, smoke, air pollution are just a few.
  • Contact lens wear—these could result in increased evaporation of tears which leads to irritation, increased protein deposits, inflammation and pain. Dry Eye Symptoms are the number one reason people stop wearing contact lenses.
  • The aging process—tear production gradually decreases with age. At age 65 the tear glands produce about 40% of the lubricating tears they produced at age 18.
  • Medications—tear production could be reduced if you take certain medications. These include decongestants, antihistamines and diuretics, beta blockers, sleeping pills, anti-depressants, pain relievers, Skin Rejuvenation treatment, alcohol, oral contraceptives and more.
  • Computer users—Computer and television users may also have dry eyes as a result of staring for hours without blinking regularly.
  • Diseases—these include Rheumatoid Arthritis, Diabetes, Thyroid abnormalities, Skin conditions, Asthma and Lupus.
  • Menopause and pregnancy—women are more prone to develop dry eyes after menopause and during pregnancy.

Symptoms of Dry Eye Syndrome

  • Burning and stinging.
  • Gritty feeling when there is nothing in your eye.
  • Dryness
  • Itching
  • Sensitivity to bright light.
  • Mucous secretions in the eye.

Can Dry Eye Syndrome be cured?

There is no cure although you can relieve the symptoms and reduce your chances of complications.

How is Dry Eye Syndrome treated?

Eyelid Hygiene attention – to remove buildup of debris among eyelashes, which can cause irritation and Blepharitis and Meibomian Gland Dysfunction. Meibomian Gland oil reduces Tearfilm evaporation and allows lubricated smooth eyelid movement.

Artificial tears—these provide temporary relief but while soothing the eyes initially, they can increase the possibility of infection by washing away the natural infection-fighting tear film of the eye.

Punctal occlusion-in cases of persistent Dry Eye Syndrome , semi-permanent or permanent closure of the tear duct, or punctal occlusion, may be the best solution. This long-term solution allows patients to retain their own natural tears to longer before evaporation.

What is a punctum plug?

This acts like a stopper in a sink! When the tear duct (punctal opening) is closed tears stay on the eye much longer. A small, soft silicone plug is non-surgically inserted into the natural punctum opening. The reversible procedure is performed in a few minutes in the doctors office.

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