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There are an estimated 40,000 sports and recreation-related eye injuries each year
and the majority of them happen to children.


A squint (medical term strabismus) refers to a condition where an individual’s eyes point in different directions. One of the eyes may look up, down or sideways while the other eye looks straight ahead. This misalignment can distort one’s visual perception. It can also affect one’s personal and professional life. When left untreated, strabismus can lead to serious vision problems.

Patients who sought help from our squint specialist in Dubai at the first sign of the condition were able to benefit from early treatment. The risk of related complications also reduces significantly with timely professional intervention. When you book a consultation with us, you will be asked to undergo some diagnostics tests. In consultation with your eye doctor, a treatment plan will be developed according to your specific needs.

Strabismus correction may include the following treatment approaches:

  • Performing eye exercises designed for better eye muscle movement control
  • Wearing a patch over the unaffected eye
  • Wearing eyeglasses as prescribed by the doctor
  • Getting injections that work by helping the eyes align better
  • Undergoing strabismus surgery, for cases where all the other methods have been unable to produce sufficient results.

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