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Strabismus: Glasses, Contact Lenses and Treatment Methods for Children

Strabismus, also called a squint, is characterized by a misalignment in the eyes’ movement and orientation. While one of the eyes looks ahead, the other eye points upward, downward or sideward. The condition can pose significant vision issues and may lead to serious eye health complications if left untreated. As such, it is important to get early treatment, such as wearing glasses or contacts for strabismus as prescribed by the eye doctor.

Adults can also acquire the condition due to certain medical issues, head trauma or a side effect of an operation. But a squint commonly occurs in early childhood. What makes it worrying for parents is that strabismus at an early age does not only cause vision problems. It can also affect the overall learning and development of the child.

When you take your child to a squint specialist, the doctor will perform a series of simple tests to confirm a diagnosis and assess the overall eye health of your child. The parent, guardian or primary caretaker will also be asked to take an active part in developing the right treatment plan for the little one.

The doctor may prescribe glasses for strabismus fitted with a unique kind of lens specifically designed for cross-eye correction and squint correction. This type of lens usually features a prism structure that enables the glasses to control the light that enters the eye. The corrective glasses method has been known to significantly reduce misdirected gazes and in some cases, cure the condition for the long term.

Aside from strabismus glasses, other methods of correction include eye exercises, vision therapy, medication and surgery. Contacts for strabismus may also be prescribed to older children with active lifestyles.

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