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—sometimes signaled by “crossed eyes,” this disorder can lead to serious vision problems. It can often be corrected with glasses or in some cases surgery. Strabismus correction may include wearing a patch over the unaffected eye, wearing Appropriate Eyeglasses, or performing eye muscle exercises. Surgery may be required to realign the eye muscles if the Vision strengthening techniques are inadequate

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Blurred vision, double vision, glares and halos can make the most enjoyable activities difficult.

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Orthokeratology allows the user to be free of glasses or contact lenses during the day by the use of night time hard lenses

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Children Myopia Control


Many children are losing their vision due to excessive “screen time”. Ortho-K lenses can radically reduce or even halt the progression of myopia.

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LASIK is a quick and painless surgical procedure that corrects the shape of the cornea.

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