Joserine Samson

Dr. Joserine Samson, OD, is both a Specialty Contact Lens Practitioner and an Orthokeratologist for Gulf Eye Center. She has been practicing her field for more than 20 years now, fitting and designing Specialty Contact Lenses such as corneal, hybrid…

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Since 2002, Gulf Eye Center’s highly qualified ophthalmologists and optometrists / ODs have been successfully treating a wide range of eye conditions using the most advanced techniques such as phacoemulsification, intra-ocular lenses (IOL), and precision laser surgery

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Blurred vision, double vision, glares and halos can make the most enjoyable activities difficult.

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Orthokeratology allows the user to be free of glasses or contact lenses during the day by the use of night time hard lenses

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Children Myopia Control


Many children are losing their vision due to excessive “screen time”. Ortho-K lenses can radically reduce or even halt the progression of myopia.

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LASIK is a quick and painless surgical procedure that corrects the shape of the cornea.

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